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Customer Notice: The script installer facility is currently offline for essential maintenance and will be back soon.

To your right you can view the 27 free scripts that you can install through your automatic script installer.

Our Fantastico Type installer features loads of great scripts that you can install instantly- at the click of a button, getting you the very best out of your website. The script installer will install the script of your choosing, automatically into the directory you specify.

There's no waiting around uploading files, no misplaced files to worry about- it's all done instantly!


If you're interesting in running a blog of your thoughts and opinions, or even telling the world how your day has been- look no further than installing the popular WordPress software into your website! It's a great way to keep connected and your Visitors can even leave their comments too!


GetFreeHosting.co.uk recommends WordPress!

Community Websites:

Considering running a busy community website? We recommend you install the hugely successful Joomla v1.5 content management system to organise your website's content. You'll love the functionality it offers, giving you a great way to display your articles, store your downloads and provide a feature rich Visit to your viewers all for no cost!


GetFreeHosting.co.uk recommends Joomla CMS!


Give your website an outlet for Visitors to chat and post messages with each other. Install the powerful phpBB forum software and get your website's community up and running today!


GetFreeHosting.co.uk recommends phpBB!

Shopping Carts:

Need to sell your products, looking for a shopping cart script? Check out and install the successful osCommerce software and have your website's shop started in minutes! An account with PayPal® may be required.


GetFreeHosting.co.uk recommends osCommerce!


We recommend you install the powerful Coppermine software to display and store all your photos and images with ease. Your Visitors can view your images quickly with the sophisticated album system and leave comments on the pictures they liked best. Running your own Photo Gallery is now made so simple!

GetFreeHosting.co.uk recommends Coppermine Gallery!

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