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Harness the power and functionality that PHP brings to your website! Install powerful database applications and turn your free website into a dynamic, interactive experience for your visitors. All free hosting accounts come with full MySQL PHP support, space to install up to x10 databases and include the useful phpMyAdmin tool.


Install up to x10 free databases:

You can easily install up to x10 free PHP MySQL databases through your Vista Control Panel. With space for seven databases, there's more than enough room for you to install powerful applications such as Forums, Guestbooks, Content Management Systems, Image Galleries and more! Bring your site to life!

Unlimited email addresses
phpMyAdmin tool included:

Access the useful phpMyAdmin tool through your control panel and easily add, remove and update database tables, edit SQL statements and more. Advanced webmasters will love the administrative functionality that this fantastic tool brings to your database management. Great for scripting your own databases!

POP3 email
Slow MySQL query reporting:

Keep your database applications performing fast by identifying the slow SQL queries on your website with our free slow query reporting tool. This clever tool will identify the SQL query strings that are taking a long time to execute in your databases -helping you to optimise them to further improve performance.

Custom MX records
Easily backup your databases:

Backup your databases with ease, at the click of a button via your Vista Control Panel. Keep your databases safe and have our nifty backup tool make copiesfor you. Cron jobs are not supported on our free service.

Protect your PHP applications:

All free web hosting accounts come with ZendGuard (formely Zend Encoder) and IonCube support. If you have this product, you can use it to prevent unauthorised reproduction and reverse engineering of your PHP script applications. IonCube's free PHP Accelerator also works with your free account, try it today!


Sub Domain support

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