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The term given to the basic functionality of email being sent from one point to another, via the internet. Sendmail is often used by web scripts like contact forms, to send data automatically via an email server to another email address where no custom email rules have been created (i.e- the customer has not specified any SMTP or POP3 mail server settings to handle the email).
Abbreviation for "Simple Mail Transfer Protocol". This is a special format used to send and receive email across the internet, via another server.
The term given to the illegal activity of individuals or organisations sending out hundreds, if not thousands of emails and messages to mass email recipients advertising a product or service. This activity is usually performed by 'robots' (software) and consume lots of server processing power, drain server resources and generally slow down overall performance for other innocent, law abiding customers.
A subdomain is a domain name that is part of a larger, master domain name. An example of a subdomain is "".
support ticket
Tickets can be created by customers via their control panel and are used to ask for help with a particular problem or issue.