Transferring files using the Online File Manager

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Uploading content into your website is actually quite easy using the File Manager...

  1. Login to your website control panel
  2. Click on File Manager
  3. Once your File Manager opens you should be in your root directory where you can see your default docroot htdocs (if you run a domain and/or sub-domains, you will also see those addresses, in those folders is the htdocs folder for those sites)
  4. Go ahead and navigate to where you will be uploading your content by clicking on the appropriate folders
  5. Click on the Upload button
  6. If you're only uploading a few files, click on Choose... on the left hand side and locate the files you wish to upload, as you add files new uploading lines will appear.
  7. Skip this step if you're following the above step: If you're uploading a lot of files and directories such as a script, you can simply archive them into a compressed format such as .zip and upload them at once using the Choose... option on the right hand side to select the archive on your computer. Once you've uploaded the file, you will be prompted to decompress them automatically in the selected folder.
  8. Click on the green checkmark to start the upload
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