Warning! This copy of Website Builder is licensed for another domain

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If you receive the following error when trying to use or login to your Site Builder tool: "Warning! This copy of Website Builder is licensed for another domain" - please follow the below instructions:

1. Login to your website hosting control panel at http://cpanel.getfreehosting.co.uk (note - this is not the website builder login panel)
2. Click on the "Site Builder" link under the "Software & Services" heading on the control panel home page.
3. Click on the "Launch Site Builder" link next to the domain name your website is built on. This will launch the website builder administration screen.
4. Click on the blue "Next -> Step 2" button at the bottom right of the screen. (Do not alter or input any login information at this stage)
5. A list of link options will appear. Click on the bottom "Change Username, Password or Add New Domain" link.
6. A blank page will appear. Ignore this page and instead click on the blue "Go -> Install my website!" button at the bottom right of the screen.
7. A popup 'installation progress' box will appear. Please wait until the installation settings have completed as you will redirected automatically once finished.
8. A page will now appear asking you to insert the new domain name (e.g www.mywebsite.com) that you would like to remove the error message from. Enter in the domain name you require- you can add more than one domain name if necessary. Domain names being entered must already be 'added' or 'parked' to your hosting account.
9. Click on the blue button at the bottom right of the screen to save your changes.
10. Your new domain name settings will now be saved and you will be redirected to a 'Congratulations' page where you can now login to the website builder utility. The error notice should now be removed from your pages and you can continue building/editing your website as normal.

If this has not resolved the issue, please login to your hosting control panel and submit a new support ticket.

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