My site is re-directing to

If your website was previously working fine and has suddenly started re-directing you and your visitors to the website- then it is likely that your free web hosting account has tripped our system.

Sometimes it could be that our systems are just experiencing a temporary glitch- please try and load your website again in one hours time. Please also check our website home page for any important service announcements that may be relevant.

If your website is still re-directing and there does not appear to be any service outage or glitch, it could be that your free web hosting account has been suspended.

Account suspension reasons:

There are lots of reasons why your free web hosting account may have been suspended. This happens automatically when our servers detect irregular, un-authorised or prohibited activity/behaviour originating from your account. Causes for this may because one of your website scripts have malfunctioned causing your account to trip and go over your allocated resource quotas. Content Management Systems such as Joomla CMS, PostNuke or other heavy resource, template driven systems can sometimes cause you to suddenly go over your diskspace or data transfer quotas.

Our automated server technology automatically suspends thousands of websites each day, with less than 1% of those accounts being closed in error. It is for this reason that we do not send out emails to inform you that your account has been closed. The majority of the accounts setup to intentionally violate our Terms and Conditions of service use fake, invalid emails and are created by robot scripts.

Our automated server detection system monitors emails that are sent out from your scripts on your account. If you have been involved in spamming, or have been sending out hundreds of emails in a short period of time- our system will believe you are mistakingly spamming and will have suspended your account automatically.

Phishing and data harvesting activities:

Our servers also monitor accounts that use or register variations of domains that are similar to banks, authorities, social networking sites and other high profile websites where potentially thousands of people access every day and are required to log in to use their systems. We monitor these accounts to combat fraud and phishing operations where unscrupulous individuals setup similar, or identical websites  of high profile websites on our servers in an aim to harvest the log in details- or other personal information from internet users. Any subdomain that is registered on our system that appears similar to the above mentioned examples will likely be automatically closed by our servers. This would include variations on popular domains such as (e.g,, etc) For security, we will not re-open such accounts that appear to be using identical or similar variations of high profile website domain names. Please see our Terms and Conditions for more information on this policy.

Other prohibited account activity:

Your website may have also violated our Terms and Conditons of service- not limited to phishing, warez, pornography, spam, link harvesting, inciting racial hatred or violent behaviour etc. Again, our automated server detection systems will have detected this content and will have suspended your account. If you have been involved in this behaviour, your website will remain suspended and your details will be passed over to the relevant authorities for investigation.

How to appeal against account suspension:

If you believe that your free web hosting account has been suspended in error, please contact us immediately.

You will need to provide your account username and contact information. You will also need to specify what you were doing with your account and provide details of any website scripts you were using that may have accidently tripped your account's quotas.

Without this information, we will not investigate and will not re-open your account.

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