I've lost / forgotten my password?

If you have lost or forgotten your password that you use to login with, do not worry.

To reset your password and have a new password issued to you- please open the control panel login screen and click on the 'lost password' link here.

You will need to enter your username and the most recent email address we hold on our records for you. A new password will then be automatically emailed to you.

If you cannot remember your email address, but can remember your username (or vice-versa)- please contact our Customer Support Department.We will supply you with the missing information to assist you in resetting your password via our automated system.

For security reasons, GetFreeHosting.co.uk will never reveal any passwords to you.

If you cannot remember both your username and email address you used to register with- please contact our Customer Support Department. You will be required to answer several security questions before we can arrange to re-instate access to your account.
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