How do I access my email using free web hosting? no longer offers free online webmail services or provides POP3 access to free web hosting customers. This has resulted in changes to the way our free web hosting customers now access their email.

We regret to announce that existing free web hosting customers currently using webmail or POP3 access to read their email will no longer be able to use such services from October 31st, 2010 onwards. Webmail and POP3 access is now only available to our paid hosting customers. Please consider upgrading your account to continue using webmail or POP3 access.

Free web hosting customers will no longer be provided with a mail box or a generic 'catch-all' email address by

Our free web hosting customers should now make use of the Custom MX record setting ability. You can configure your own Custom MX records via your Vista control panel to work with the powerful Google Apps free service to send, receive and manage your email.

We recommend that all free web hosting customers should now use the highly recommended Google Apps free service after this date to access, read and receive email sent to your domains.

If you have not yet configured your Custom MX records to work with another email provider (such as Google Apps), you will no longer be able to send/receive any email sent to any email accounts you have previously setup from October 31st, 2010 onwards.

For a helpful guide on how to setup the free Google Apps service for your domain(s)- please click here.

For information on how to setup, add and configure Custom MX records to work with Google Apps- please click here.

If you experience any difficulty whilst configuring your email, please consult your email service provider's help section or submit a technical support ticket via your Vista control panel.

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