Can I use my own domain name with my account?

You can use your own, existing domain name with your free web hosting account.

You will NOT be able to first register or signup for your new free web hosting account with your existing domain name- but you can add any existing domain names you own to work with your account once you have registered.

To register for a new web hosting account, please first enter a free subdomain that will be the default subdomain you use to access your new website *before* you add any existing domain names you own.

Once you are registered, login to your control panel and click on the "domains" link on the control panel front page.

If you don't have a new website built yet - you should "add on" any existing top level domain or existing free subdomain you own. This will create a new folder within your file directory where you can upload files to work with your new domain.

If you already have an existing website uploaded to your account - you should "park" your domain instead. This will allow visitors using your new domain to be automatically redirected to your existing website that you already host with

Remember to update your DNS settings via your domain registrar. It can take anything up to 48 hours for the new settings to take effect.

More information about adding, parking and changing DNS settings for domains can be found within our support knowledgebase.
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