Help - my account has been suspended

If your account has been suspended, you will receive the following message at the top of your control panel:
"Dear Valued Customer, It appears this account is currently suspended."

You may not realize that your account has been suspended until you attempt to log into your control panel. If your account has gone over your allocated resources (i.e bandwidth quota / CPU allocation) you will be notified of the suspension via email.

If you cannot login, it is likely that your account has NOT been suspended and you should read this help article instead.

What happens whilst my account is suspended?

Whilst your account is suspended, your website(s) will automatically re-direct visitors to our advertisement page. Customers may still continue to login to their hosting control panel but will not be able to configure any settings. With the exception of viewing your account statistics, upgrading your account or submitting a new support ticket - all other links and functions in your hosting control panel will be unavailable to use.

Please see a full copy of our Terms and Conditions of Hosting.

How does the abuse filter and suspension system work?

Our abuse filtering system is automatic and accounts are suspended automatically. Unless you have gone over your account resources, we will not send out emails nor notify customers of their account being suspended. Please remember that the vast majority of accounts suspended via our automatic abuse filtering system are suspended correctly and for good reason. This process ensures that we continue to provide optimum hosting resources and peak performance to our legitimate customers.

Why didn't I receive an email about my account's suspension?

Most illegitimate customer accounts that our automatic abuse filter detects use fraudulent or fake email addresses that do not work. Sending out an email to the hundreds of accounts that are created with fake email address every day will simply overload our system and divert valuable server resources from our legitimate hosting customers. Unless your account has gone over your allocated server resources (i.e bandwidth quota / CPU useage etc) then you will not receive an email from us to notify you of the suspension. You will only be notified that your account has been suspended once you have logged into your hosting control panel.

I think my account has been suspended incorrectly?

We do admit that our automatic abuse detection filter does sometimes make mistakes (or false positives as they are known in the hosting industry). These mistakes can sometimes lead to genuine accounts being suspended in error. Accounts can trip our abuse filter for a variety of reasons and due to this - we are unfortunately unable to list them all in this article. It will be necessary for you to query the reason for your account's suspension with our customer support team. You may only query / appeal your account's suspension via the built-in support ticket system that can be accessed through your hosting control panel.

How do I query / appeal against my account's suspension?

You may only query / appeal the reason(s) for your account's suspension by using the built-in support ticket system. This support ticket system is accessed through your hosting control panel and is available to use whilst your account is suspended.

How to create a support ticket through your hosting control panel:

1) Please first login to your hosting control panel located at

* all links with the exception of viewing account statistics, upgrading your account or submitting a new support ticket will be unavailable. If you cannot login - it is likely your account is not suspended and you should see this help article instead.

2) Create a new support ticket by clicking on the "Create a NEW ticket" under the "Technical Support" heading.

3) In the message box - please tell us what you were doing with your website / account and the reason(s) why you believe your account may have been suspended in error. The more detailed you are with your explanation, the better chance you have of getting your account reactivated successfully.

Important note: Providing no explanation (or a very brief explanation) will result in a delay in reactivating your account as our support team will need to clarify the reason(s) for suspension with you. This delay can be avoided if you provide a detailed explanation when you first submit your support ticket.

4) Enter the Captcha code and click on the grey "Submit Ticket" button. Your support ticket will then be sent to our customer support team who will aim to reply to you within 24 hours. On some exceptional circumstances, this period may regrettably be longer due to increased demand (i.e Xmas / Public Holidays etc).

5) Replies to your support ticket will be made through the built-in support ticket function in your hosting control panel. You will receive an email once your ticket has been replied to and updated. Please login to your hosting control panel reguarly to receive any update(s).

Our customer support team will make a decision on whether to reactivate your account and inform you of the outcome via your original support ticket. 

Can I query / appeal against my account's suspension via any other method?

We do not accept any other form of contact from customers who wish to query / appeal account suspension.

Customers must use the built-in support ticket system (accessed via their hosting control panel) to contact our customer support team. All other requests made incorrectly through direct email or via our website's online contact form will not be replied to.


Legal notices:

I. Any decision made by not to re-activate your account is final. You are not permitted to re-appeal.

II. All content uploaded to our servers remains soley the responsibility of the account owner.

III. Account owners should ensure correct and proper access is granted to their account and must make their own arrangements to make a copy of any uploaded content.

IV. Account owners will not be permitted access to any suspended account in order to make a copy of any previously uploaded content.

V. Accounts that are not permitted to be re-activated will be closed and all data will be deleted from our servers within 24 hours.

VI. Customers are not entitled to appeal against any final decision made as per our Terms and Conditions of Hosting.

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