Navigating the Online File Manager

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File Manager - Detail

Starting in the upper-left corner of the above image you have the following options:

  • New dir which allows you to create a new directory or folder
  • New file which allows you to create new files
  • Upload which opens the standard file upload page allowing you to transfer files to the server
  • Java Upload which opens the Java-based upload tool which does the same
  • Flash Upload which, you guessed it, opens the Flash-based upload tool and yet another way to transfer files

Starting in the upper-right hand corner, you have the following options used when you've selected a file and/or directory using the check box:

  • Copy to, well, copy data around on your website
  • Move to move data from one location to another
  • Delete which allows you to remove and delete data and directories
  • Rename which allows you to rename directories and files
  • Chmod which allows you to change file permissions
  • <!--li>Download which allows you create a zip file on the fly of the files you selected for backup purposesUnzip which you can use to unzip script installation files you've uploaded into your space

To the right of files you have the following options:

  • View to load the contents of the file which includes syntax highlighting for coding
  • Edit which loads the online text editor
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