MySQL database connection error?

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If you are receiving a MySQL database connection error, or perhaps an "Error - could not connect to database" message when trying to view your website, do not panic.

This error message is caused by the database being unable to 'connect' or work correctly with your script(s).

Your default MySQL database username and passwords are the same username and passwords you use to login to your vista control panel. Perhaps you have changed your vista control panel password recently? Unless you have specifically changed your username and password in your script's configuration file- this will be the cause of the error.

Quick fix: Go into your script's configuration file and change your MySQL username and password to your new ones you are trying to use. This should fix most common causes of the error, unless you really have been playing around with settings...

Please check these 4 items:

1. Your database username (by default begins with "getfh_ ")
2. Your database password (by default same as the password you login to your control panel and is CASE SENSITIVE)
3. Your database name
4. Your database SQL server hostname: (***IS NOT 'LOCALHOST' ***) (correct server hostname to use can be found on the left hand side of your vista control panel's home page)

Remember to save any changes you make and upload the file back to the server.

If you continue to experience the same problem and have checked all of the 4 details above, please create a support ticket in your control panel.

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