My website isn't loading / "server not found" message?

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If your website isn't loading at all in your browser, or your browser is showing a "server not found" message - please try the following:

(follow steps in sequential order and try loading your website after each)

1. Check that you have not mispelt/mistyped the domain name AND that the file you are trying to access actually exists. Remember that filenames are case sensitive on our Linux based servers. (ex: "" is very different to "")

2. Check that our servers haven't crashed and are online:

3. Try a different browser, different to the one you are currently using.

4. Clear your browser cookies, cache and temp internet files (check your browser and firewall security settings, some browsers/firewalls change these when they download and install new updates)

5. Clear your DNS settings: (follow the instructions on the links below)

6) Restart your computer and network modem/router (if you have a modem and router, restart the modem first)

After these steps, most customers can usually access their website successfully. If you still have no connection please try accessing your website using a free proxy server:

Please allow up to 72 hours for world wide DNS propagation, then let us know if you continue to have problems by submitting a support ticket via your control panel.

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