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If your website was previously working fine and has suddenly started re-directing you and your visitors to the website- then it is likely that your account has caused an error on our system.

What is the page?

The website located at is operated legitimately by our hosting partner ( and re-direction to this page does not mean that your website / account has been compromised or hacked etc.

Have you checked for any service or downtime issues?

Sometimes it could be that our systems are just experiencing a temporary glitch. Please try and reload your website again in a short while to see if that resolves the issue.

Please also check our website home page for any important service announcements that may be relevant.

We also post service announcements on our official Facebook page and Twitter account to alert our customers to any issues.

Has your hosting account been suspended?

If your website is still re-directing to and there does not appear to be any service outage or glitch - it could be that your free web hosting account has been suspended. You can find out if your account has been suspended by logging into your hosting control panel at

If your account has been suspended, you will receive the following message at the top of your control panel:
"Dear Valued Customer, It appears this account is currently suspended."

If your account has been suspended - please see this article for instructions on how to query / appeal the suspension decision.

If you do not receive the above suspension message at the top of your hosting control panel then your account has NOT been suspended. The cause of the error will now likely be an account specific related issue (please see the below).

Have you changed a setting / incorrectly configured something?

Perhaps you have accidently changed a database setting of one of your scripts or maybe you have incorrectly installed a plugin/update file etc. Try reverting / de-installing the last change you made to your account to see if that resolves the issue. Remember to check your error log that can be accessed via your hosting control panel.

If you are unable to resolve the issue and there are no service announcements alerting you to current server issues / downtime then please contact our customer support team by creating a new support ticket.

Support tickets can be created and submitted through your hosting control panel.

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