I'm getting a blank white page / 500 error message?

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If you have have recently uploaded / edited your website files and suddenly receive an empty white page when you load your website- don't panic. Sometimes, our servers may display an error 500 message instead.

This error is caused by a PHP script or database error. To find out the cause of the error, please try the following:

1) Create a text file with MS Notepad and call it ".htaccess" (an article can be found on how to do this here)
2) Copy and paste this line of code into your new .htaccess file you have created: "php_value display_errors on"
3) Save the file and upload it into the folder of your script.
4) CHMOD your newly uploaded .htaccess file to "644"

If you already have a .htaccess file uploaded - simply add the "php_value display_errors on" command line to it and save the changes.

This will enable your browser to display the errors it encounters when trying to load your website/script. You should be able to see the exact php/database error that is causing the proble, enabling you to take steps to rectify the problem and get your website loading correctly.

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