I try to upload files but they keep dissapearing?

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The maximum size permitted to upload a file via FTP is 4mb. If you attempt to upload a file larger than this size, the file will not appear in your file directory when you come to view it. Music and video files such as .mp3, .mp4, .wmv and .mpeg files are usually larger than 4mb in size.

To overcome this problem, any files over 4mb in size should be compressed into a .zip file type format. The compressed folder size will be lower than 4mb and you will be able to upload it to the server successfully. Once the compressed file is uploaded, you can then 'unzip' and extract the contents of the file into your file directory. You can extract files using your FTP client or by pressing the right-hand-side 'unzip' button found on the menu of your Online File Manager.

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