I receive ERROR#: MAIL-001 when trying to signup?

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Unfortunately we are experiencing some email delivery issues with Hotmail, Yahoo, Windows Live, Msn, MyNet and .co.cc email addresses. This is why you will be receiving the ERROR#: MAIL-001 message.

Customers that attempt to register for web hosting (using one of the above email providers) do not receive the special activation email required to activate their new hosting accounts.

Due to this mail-handling error, we are unable to process registrations from customers using one of the above email providers. We no longer accept registrations from Hotmail, Yahoo, Windows Live, Msn, MyNet and .co.cc email addresses.

We apologise for this situation and appreciate it causes difficulties for customers attemtping to register for our free hosting services.

We recommend signing-up to and using a free Google Mail email account instead.

Do not under any circumstances use a fake email address to register! You will not receive the special email activiation required to activate your free web hosting account.

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