Help! I can't remember my username, email or password?

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If you cannot remember any of your login details (including username, password AND email) then this is not good.

From a security point of view, we have to be careful who we grant account access to. Unfortunately unauthorised individuals do occassionally contact us pretending to have 'lost all of their login details' in an attempt to gain access to other customers hosting account.

We take the the protection of our customer's account details seriously and have taken special measures to ensure that only the authorised account holder receives such login information. These measures involve some detailed and unfortunately lengthy security checks.

Before contacting us, please thoroughly search your email inbox/folders for the original welcome email we sent to at first registration. This email contains your login information and will greatly assist you in having your account access re-instated.

If you cannot remember any of your login details (including username, password AND email) and can not find your original welcome email, please get in touch with our Customer Support Department. You will be required to supply additional security information to verify your identity and eligibility to receive such sensitive login information.

In most cases, customers that cannot answer our additional security questions are unable to receive their login details and subsequently loose access to their websites. Unfortunately this is a sad step, however we are determined in our efforts to keep your details secure and appreciate your understanding in this matter.

We advise customers that forget all of their login details to simply register for a new free web hosting account and upload a backup of their files again. This is often the most simple step to take in case such as this. Old accounts that lay inactive for 30 days are automatically removed from our systems.

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