Do you make regular backups of my website?

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It remains your responsibility to make your own backups of your website's files reguarly. takes no responsibility for the loss of your files should our servers experience some unexpected hardware failure. In case of emergency, we make regular monthly back-ups of all free hosting accounts hosted on our servers. 

In the unlikely event that our servers fail, we may need to re-instate your account with the most recent backup we made of your website. You may loose any changes you made to your website between the time our most recent backup was made and the time that our severs failed. It is important that you make your own website backups to prevent any unecessary loss of data.

If you accidently loose your website or files by mistake or in error, we are unfortunately unable to provide a backup copy of your data. It is our policy to only provide a copy of your files in the unlikeley event that our server hardware fails.

It is recommened that you make your own copy of your website's files at least once every week.

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