Accessing the Online File Manager

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To access the Online File Manager (or just File Manager for short), you simply login to your website control panel and click on the File Manager option under the Site Management section among other areas.

File Manager - Main Screen

This will launch the File Manager in a new window or, in some browsers, a new tab that will display what is known as the root directory of your webspace, just above the docroot (htdocs) folder or, if you run multiple sites, above all of your websites including your addon domains, subdomains, and main website docroot directories.

As you can see, there is a blank file in the root directory that tells you not to upload your files there, though there are certain cases in which you should actually do so, unless you know for a fact that is where the file goes, you should always upload into the docroot (htdocs) folder.

If you run multiple websites you would upload content for your addon domain or sub-domain into the folder if your domain was or into the folder if your sub domain was

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