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GetFreeHosting.co.uk provides you with a powerful, free web hosting service with many great features- such as PHP and MySQL support, FTP access and a whole lot more. It's easy to see why our free web hosting plan is so popular, what other free web hosting provider can offer you so much- all for no cost?
1 GB of disk space:
We've recently upgraded our free web hosting account quotas to provide you with a massive 1 GB of disk space. That's enough space to store all your files, photos, videos and more! Whether you're looking to host a small personal webpage, a few photos of your recent holiday, or even a busy community website- with 1 GB of disk space you can enjoy reliable, load balanced hosting, safe in the knowledge that there's enough disk space to let your website grow in the future!


10 GB of monthly data transfer:
With up to a huge 10 GB of data transfer a month, you can be sure that your website will continue to run at high speed. If you run a content heavy website with lots of images, sound files and software- your website will carry on performing. Many other free web hosting providers restrict their customers on the amount of bandwidth they use each month instead. This would be no good if you run a content heavy website with a small monthly bandwidth allowance. Enjoy our no bandwidth restrictions!


10 MB file size restrictions:

We have to distribute our server resources equally, each free account comes with a 10 MB file size upload restriction. If you have larger files that you need to upload, you may wish to consider one of our performance paid hosting plans. You can use your free FTP account or upload via our Online File Manager. Now you can start to make your website work for you!


No file type restrictions:

We want you to have fun and create a good website, you wouldn't be able to do that if we restricted the types of files you uploaded. All GetFreeHosting.co.uk customers enjoy no file type restrictions so you can upload the files you need. We allow PHP file extensions and provide CGI scripting support.


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