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Requirements of The Messiah

Did Jesus meet the requirements?


    Many consider Jesus to be the Jewish Messiah and King of the Jews,  but was he?  Did he meet the requirements as set forth in the Old Testament?  Was he but a man or was he divine?   Let us explore this subject in a little more depth.


1. He Must be Jewish. ( Deu 17:5  Num 24:17)

2. He Must be of the Tribe of Judah.  (Gen 49:10 )

3. He Must be a male descendant of King David (I Chr 17:11, Ps 89:29-38, Jer 33:17, II Sam 7:12-16) and King Solomon. (I Chr 22:10, II Chr 7:18)

4. He Must gather the Jewish people from exile and return them to Israel.  (Isa 27:12-13, Isa 11:12)

5. He Must rebuild the temple in Jerusalem.  (Mic 4:1)

6.  He Must bring  world peace.  (Isa 2:4, Isa 11:6, Mic 4:3)

7.  He Must influence the entire world to acknowledge and to serve One God.  (Isa 11:9, Isa 40:5, Zep 3:9)

8.  The Sanhedrin will be RE-Established.  (Isa 1:26)

9.  He Will take the barren land and make it abundant and fruitful. (Isa 5:13, Ams 9:13-15, Ez 36:29-30 Isa 11:6-9)

10.  Jews will know the Torah  without study.  (Jer 31:33)

11.  The weapons of war will be destroyed. (Ez 39:9)

12.  The ruined cities of Israel will be Restored.  (Ez 16:55)

13.    Once he is King the leaders of other nations Will look to him for guidance. (Isa 2:4)

14.   Evil and tyranny Will Not stand before his leadership. (Isa 11:4)

15.  The peoples of the world Will turn to the Jews for spiritual guidance.  (Zec 8:23)

16.   He Will be a man of this world, an observant Jew with “fear of God”.  (Isa 11:2)

17.   The Jewish people Will experience Eternal Joy and gladness.  (Isa 51:11)

18.   There Will be no hunger or illness, and death will cease.  (Isa 25:8)

19.   All the dead Will rise again.  (Isa 26:19)

20.   The whole world Will worship the God of Israel  (Isa 2:17)


Now let's see if Jesus meet ALL of the requirements in order to be King of the Jews and the promised Messiah.


Jesus was Jewish.


He was of the tribe of Judah IFAND ONLY IF he was the child of Joseph and Mary and NOT from the concept of the immaculate conception, AND if the genealogy in the book of Matthew is correct.  Luke's genealogy does NOT Include Solomon.  


Jesus DID NOT gather the Jewish people from exile and return them to Israel


Jesus DID NOT rebuild the temple he only stated he would if it were destroyed.


Jesus Did Not bring world peace he only spoke of it.


Jesus Failed in his attempt to influence the world to serve ONE .


The Sanhedrin was still established.


Jesus Did Not  destroy the weapons of war.


Jesus Did Not make  the lands fruitful, let alone the barren lands.


The Jews Did Not know the Torah without study.  Jesus even instructed the priest of the Temple.


Jesus Did Not restore the cities of Israel


Jesus Did Not have other nations looking to him for guidance as the supposed King of the Jews.


Evil and tyranny Still Remained during his life.


The people of the world Never looked to the Jews for spiritual guidance.


The Jewish people to this day Have Not joy, happiness, or peace let alone it be eternal.


There is still hunger, illness, and death in the world.


The dead are still in their graves.


The world has NEVER worshiped the God of Israel and does not do so to this day.


The only conclusion that can be reasonably reached based upon the proofs of the Bible is that Jesus not only failed to meet the test of The Messiah he failed them miserably.   not only failed as the messiah but he also failed as a King of the Jews. He talked the talk but he could not walk the walk.  



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