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A Community of  Deists and those of Deistic Thought




A Community of  Deists and those of Deistic Thought

   Welcome to the IRLS page. We Hope that you enjoy your stay and will come back often. Please join in our discussions on the message board.  Start a new topic or just post a suggestion as to what you would like to see on  this site.  Take our Bible Quiz and see how you  rank on knowledge of the Bible.  Feel free to copy any quote that we have on the Quotable Quotes Page.   And please feel free to let your friends know about the site, regardless of their religion or lack of one as the case maybe.


   It is the desire of the IRLS to re introduce Deism to the general public.  The beliefs of our founding fathers of the United  States.  We will endeavor to educate those who find the revealed religions hard to swallow, what with their superstitions,  miracles, and dogma.  


     Be Sure to sign our registry and let us know what you think about the site


  We would like to invite you to join in the ongoing discussions on our message board.  Simply register as a member on our  message board and either start or join in on ongoing discussions.  God belongs to no particularly religion, and was the creator of all.  All faiths are welcome  as well as those who question their faith, follow no faith, or are just searching, we invite you to join us in spreading the truth that is deism.   Enjoy your stay and participate and return often regardless of your religion or lack thereof.


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