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A Community of  Deists and those of Deistic Thought


Deism Defined


The following definition is from Webster's Encyclopedic Dictionary, 1941, a non-Deist source, as:


"[From Latin Deus, God. Deity] The doctrine or creed of a Deist."  Deist is defined  as: "One who believes in the existence of a God or supreme being but denies revealed religion, basing his belief on the light of nature and reason."


Welcome to Deism


Deism is a belief in God, based upon the laws and designs that are found throughout Nature, as applied by our reason and logic.  Deism has a lot to offer both you and society!  Deism is a natural religion, it is not a "revealed" religion which  all  claim to having received a revelation from God. Their various and conflicting holy books are based on these revelations, and many of their sincere  followers actually have faith in, and believe in these holy books.

By embracing the natural religion of Deism, one is freed from the inconsistencies of superstition and the negative influences of guilt, fear, and greed so strongly represented in the “revealed” religions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam,  .As more people become Deists their God given reason and logic will overcome the pursuit of revealed religions myths and dogma,  which will lead to social and personal progress.  Thomas Paine (1737 - 1809)  did more than another single individual to bring Deism to everyone.  May I recommend his book “The age of Reason” as a must read.


Some Frequently Asked Question About Deism


Is Deism a form of atheism?    No. Atheism teaches that there is no God. Deism teaches there is a God, but rejects the "revelations" of the "revealed" religions..


What is the basis of Deism?    Reason and the design of nature throughout the universe.


What is the difference between deism and other religion?  As stated earlier Deism rejects the “revelations” of the “revealed” religions.  Deism has no “Holy Books” which



promote guilt, fear, and greed to hold on to their converts.  There are no need for a priest, preacher, or rabbi only ones common sense, reason, and logic.  Deism teaches that we should do what is right simply because it's the right thing to do. Deism doesn't pretend we know what, if anything, happens to us after our bodies die.


Do Deists believe that God created the universe and then just stepped back?  Some Deist do while others believe that God may intervene in human affairs.


Do Deists Pray?  Deist only offer prayers of thanks, they DO NOT dictate to God.


Is Deism a Cult?  Because  Deism teaches self-reliance and to question authority it is impossible for Deism to be considered a cult.


What is the deist view concerning God?   God is viewed as an eternal entity that is equal to his or her will.


Does Deism have a view concerning all the evil in the world today?   By embracing our god given power of reason and logic, much of the evil in today's world could be overcome.  Many find it much easier to believe we are not responsible for our actions, as in the case of the “revealed” religions, that believe everything is controlled by a higher power, rather  than to do the hard work necessary to obtain success in our endeavors and daily life.


Deist Principles


The Deist observes principles along the same lines as the Ten Commandments; however,  they are not claimed to come from God.  They are rather a way to live life to the fullest based on  reason and logic.  In all aspects of life and regardless of age they are applicable to adults and children equally so that one may live a fullfilling life without the fear of reward and punishment.


You will honor and worship the Creator in a fashion that suits you.

You will treat others with  dignity and respect, and will  insist that others treat you with respect and dignity as well,.

You will  live life pragmatically and use reason and logic as the cornerstone for all you think, do and say.

You will be honest and not lie, cheat or steal in your dealings with others.

You will maintain faith in yourself.

You  will take responsibility for your actions.

You will not harm another except in defense of yourself or loved ones.

You will treat others as you want to be treated.

You will learn  from the mistakes that you make in life.

You will honor your father, your mother and your loved ones  and be faithful to them.

You will question authority when it is neither reasonable nor logical.

You will find inspiration, beauty, and awe in  the creation and the natural order of the universe.

You will search for truth and be willing to accept new ideas based upon reason and  logic as you become exposed to them.



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