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A Community of  Deists and those of Deistic Thought


My Change From Christianity To Deism


    My change from Christianity to Deism began at age fourteen and took place over several years.  I was born and raised in Lincoln Park Michigan, a suburb of Detroit during the heyday of the automotive industry.  My father was employed by Ford Motor Company for more than 25 years, until a heart attack cut his life short.  He was born of Austrian immigrants and was raised a Catholic.  He later renounced his Catholic heritage due to a false accusation against his father by the “Church”.  After meeting and marrying my mother he adopted the Methodist denomination as the church he would follow.  


      Although our family attended church regularly, there was no undue pressure upon either myself or my sister to establish ourselves as devout Methodists.   Our parents believed that we should be raised as individuals capable of using our God-given reason to make our decisions concerning life.  Oh yes they would guide us along the way but never forced preconceived ideals that we should follow.  My father was a very reasonable man that believed in a  good work ethic, accepting responsibility for ones actions, honesty, truthfulness, and to ask questions when something didn’t quite add up.  He used to say “Heaven help the person that says I am wrong when I can PROVE I am right.”   He seldom used profanity or indulged in strong drink ( I learned of those when I joined the armed services.).  


     My father and I used to play tennis and golf in my teenage years. The entire family used to go on summer vacations together, including my mothers parents.  My fathers parents were already deceased.  On summer weekends our family would go fishing and swimming whenever possible.  Life was good.  When my father decided to purchase a boat, he would take me along to get my input concerning the craft.  We finally decided on the water craft we would purchase which we did.  Being winter the boat would not be used until the following spring.  That was never to be.  My father passed away before we could launch the boat that spring.  I remember my mother awaking my sister and I  early one morning to tell us that Dad had passed away, against the objections of some other relatives and friends.  My world changed that night.


  I  continued to attend high school and worked to help with family expenses.  There was a deep wound left in my heart with my fathers passing, and I began my search for answers concerning his early passing.  I would pray nightly for some kind of answer but to no avail.  I started  talking  to circle of friends and would  attend the church  they attended.  It would not be     



long until I would ask the minister questions concerning my fathers passing,  I had already received a stock answer from the minister of the church I attended.   During the course of over a year I must have attend more than 30 churches of varying denominations.  The answers I received ranged from “Read your Bible”,  “God works in mysterious way”, “Pray for the answer”, and many more stock answers.  Was that because I was so young to be asking such questions?  Not receiving any satisfactory answers I decided to read the entire Bible, surely I would find the answer.  As I began to read and time progressed I found that I had more questions!  The inconsistencies and apparent errors just flew in my face.  I now had a new course of action.


    Now I became concerned with the accuracy of the Bible!  Question after question did I have.  Well surely a minister would be able to answer them.  As I soon found out there were many answers given to the same questions, none of which were really satisfactory.  The contradictions between Paul and Jesus were many.  How could this be?  My conclusion -- one of the two were lying, or the Bible was only a fabrication of man.    My conclusions did not sit well with most ministers.  The more I pushed the issue the more irritated they became.  Why not just answer my questions?  Their evasion to my questions lead to my studying other religions.  None of which would elude to an answer to my original questions


     My time in the Armed Services was a break in my studies until events raised questions once again.  At least four times I escaped death.  After leaving the service, I once again began my studies.  Thinking back to the lessons my father taught me by example, I began to see the order in nature and its beauty.  The laws of nature were unchanging.  The creations within nature were orderly and had a purpose.  No intervention was required by a supreme being in nature.  All was there from the beginning.  I can neither confirm nor deny the possibility of an afterlife once the body has served its purpose during this life; however, my experiences during my lifetime indicate that perhaps there is.  One can only hope that there is for there is not any ironclad proof one way or the other.  Should there be an afterlife, reason would indicate that any judgement would be based upon how one lived their life and how others were treated during ones life and not by a set of rules dictated by any of the Holy Books.  What created nature and its design I do not know for certain but it could be called God, First Cause,  or Creator  the choice remains with the individual.  Reason and logic will dictate the answers far better than any Holy Book could even approach.


   Robert Thomas





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