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Bible Quiz


The Bible is one of the :”best sellers” and is the least read or rarely read.  How much do you actually  know about the Bible, the supposed word of God?  You are invited to take this quiz, mark down your answers and check them in the Bible Quiz Answers section


1.  What is God’s Name?   

A.  Jealous

B.  Jesus   

C.  Jehovah   

D.  Holy


2.  What is the last of the Ten Commandments?   

A.  Don’t Steal.  

B. Love your neighbor as yourself.  

C.  Don’t seethe a kid in his mothers milk .  

D.  Don’t covet your neighbor’s wife of property.


3.  What is the penalty for working on the Sabbath?

A.  You will be stoned to death..

B.  You will be disinherited form the kingdom.

C.  You should sacrifice two unblemished she goats

D.  Neither you nor your offspring, to the 5th generation, can enter the tabernacle


.4.  How should a stubborn and rebellious son be treated?

A.  He should be beaten seven times.

B.  He should be stripped and admonished by the elders at the city gate.

C.  He should be expelled from the family

D.  He should be stoned to death.


5.  What happens if a women is not a virgin on her wedding night?

A.  You can never approach the alter.

B.  You must leave your husband for one year.

C.  Your father must pay 100 shekels of silver to your husband.

D.  You will be stoned to death.


6.  What does the bible say about witches?

A.  Witches should be killed.

B.  Witches are mythological.

C.  Witches can be saved if exorcised.

D.  Witches are possessed  by demons and damned forever.


7.  Which of these foods does the Bible permit you to eat?

A.  Pork.

B.  Rabbit.

C.  Locust

D.  Shellfish


8.  What is the origin of the “mighty men” giants?

A.  They were monsters.

B.  They were the offspring of God’s angles and the daughters of men.

C.  They were of the tribe of Nephi.

D.  They were a race of angles that would ensure military victory for God’s chosen people.


9.  According to the Bible who created evil?

A.  Satan.

B.  God

C.  Adam

D.  Eve


10.  Where does God live according to the Bible?

A.  In the sky above the clouds.

B.  On a throne in heaven.

C.  In darkness does he dwell.

D.  On a planet between the sun and the stars.


11.  What Christmas tradition is forbidden in the Bible?

A  Singing Christmas carioles

B.  Kissing under the mistletoe.

C.  Christmas Trees

D.  Exchanging gifts.


12.  If you are sick, what should you do according to NT medical advice?

A.  Seek only doctors ordained by God

B.  Ask church elders to apply oil to your skin and pray for you.

C.  Ask Jesus to cast out the evil spirits in your body.

D.  Pray for healing on your own.


13.  According to Jesus, what must you do to have eternal life?

A.  Confess your sins and ask Jesus to come into your heart.

B.  Attend church regularly and tithe 10% of your income to God.

C.  Sell everything you have and give the money to the poor.

D.  Obey the Ten Commandments.


14.  How should slaves be treated according to Jesus?

A.  Slaves should be set free.

B.  Beat them daily to keep them in line.

C.  Beat them for disobedience, but not more than they deserve.

D.  They should be treated as members of the family.


15.  What did Jesus say about peace?

A.  ”There is no peace apart from God”

B. “Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword. “

C.  “Peace on earth, good will toward men.”

D.  “Each person makes their own peace according to their faith.”


16.  Concerning witnessing, which phrase did Jesus NOT Say?

A.  “If I bear witness of myself, it is true.”

B.  “If I bear witness of myself, it is false.”

C.  “Thou shall not bear false witness”

D.  “God is my witness.”


17.  Should Christians ask their boss for a raise”

      Yes     No


18.  If you loose a law suit, should you pay pay only what the court should decide?

       Yes     No



19.  Should Christians allow non-believers in their homes?

       Yes     NO



20.  Are incest and rape prohibited by the Ten Commandments?

      Yes     No


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