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Our powerful Vista Control Panel combines all the very latest technology to administrate your website with ease and comes as standard with all free hosting accounts. Take full control over the management of your website, add and park domains, create databases and install scripts instantly with our free automatic script installer.

Vista Panel Control Panel Preview

Account Management:

Update your contact information such as email address, account password and find out how to use our free Vista Panel tutorials. You'll need to maintain a valid working email address to use your free web hosting account.


Choose from a selection of x10 additional, free sub domains and register them to work with your website. Add on or park any of your existing .TLD (top level domains) easily using our own name server settings.

FTP Manager:

Manage your FTP settings to login and use your free FTP account when editing and uploading your files. Access our excellent online file manager facility and edit your website's files directly through your browser! You can also download additional, free FTP client software to use on your home computer via our control panel.

Site Management:

View important information relating to how to perform the necessary backups of your website. It is important to backup your website's files and MySQL databases regularly. You'll need to use a FTP client to do this.


Create and maintain up to x10 free MySQL databases on your account. View important MySQL settings and create/ edit tables through the free PHPMySQL utility that is included. You can query any slow MySQL statements with our handy slow query reporting tool and export any databases to .zip files.


Find out how much traffic your website receives and monitor the disk space, CPU and data transfer your free account is using. All free accounts come with a generous 1 GB disk space and a whopping 10 GB of data transfer!

Software / Services:

Install over 38 free scripts easily -at the click of a button with our free, Fantastico automatic script installer. The installer allows you to install free Forums, Blogs, Galleries, Shopping Carts and more all to your website instantly.

DNS Management:

Point your existing domains to your free web hosting account by using our DNS management facility. Create your own free Custom MX and CNAME records and have full control over how your want your website to perform.

Account Upgrades:

Upgrade your free web hosting account to one of our superior, Paid Plans and increase your disk space allowance, data transfer limits and a whole lot extra. Find out more on our Paid Plans - click here.

Technical Support:

All free web hosting customers enjoy efficient, professional support that you can rely on. Along with our Live Chat facility and helpful Knowledgebase - you can also submit a free technical support ticket via your control panel. Our dedicated support team aims to answer your ticket within 24 hours*.

Help and Tutorials:

Read our selection of free Video tutorials covering all aspects of your website, from editing your contact information right through to setting up custom scripts. We've also got a handy guide on how to use your free web hosting account with the popular Google Applications platform.


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